NOTE TO PURCHASERS: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any deliveries before Christmas, from today onwards. We will not be dispatching any sales after 22/12/16, until 4/1/17.

Thank you for your understanding, and may we wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Gardening Year!

The Grumpy Gardener is a symbol for new and innovative quality gardening tools, we pride ourselves on our UK manufactured products and insist on long lasting products that can help solve those little problems in the garden. In short, our gardener is grumpy so you don’t have to.

Following the success of the Wheelbarrow Booster in 2012 on national television such as The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Dragons Den GreanBase became inundated with idea’s from fellow gardeners with their own ideas. With the ability to bring other peoples invention to reality,  the Grumpy Gardener Range has now been born.

In less than 12 months GreanBase now export their wheelbarrow booster to over 11 different countries and have taken the progressive steps of creating strong links with local horticultural colleges and University design students to help create the Grumpy Range.

2014 sees the launch of eight original garden based inventions that are new to the market place.

The Grumpy Gardener has core values of quality craftsmanship coupled with the partnerships with new and exciting inventors makes this brand stand out from the crowd.